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Lana Angulo, LMT

Lana is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist (Oregon License Number: 24218) and received her education from the Oregon School of Massage, completed December 2017. Within the scope of body work, Lana is passionate about functional human movement, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation. Within her practice, she enjoys helping her patients connect to themselves through deep breathing exercises, restoring optimal joint range of motion, addressing myofascial restrictions, and educating patients on how they can make small lifestyle adjustments that vastly improve their everyday movement and functioning.

Lana offers Shiatsu and Swedish massage with an emphasis on Berry Method. Depending on your needs, treatment may begin with a therapeutic assessment, followed by manual muscular manipulation and movement of soft tissues to help end pain and dysfunction. The techniques used support the idea that our muscles, bones, and connective tissue are a brilliant system of pulleys and levers that can be treated for restriction and put back into balance. Whether you need to relax, work out sore muscles for your next trek, or addressing chronic pain, Lana can help you accomplish your health goals.

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