Athletes train hard and need to be in top shape to reach their highest potential in their sport. Chiropractic can help the athlete by making sure that they don’t have the disadvantage of muscular tensions and subsequent weakness caused by skeletal and joint dysfunction. We make sure all of the joints have full range of motion, thereby allowing the muscles to perform with optimal strength, instead of wasting energy bracing and compensating in response to a misalignment.

As an example chiropractors often look to the feet for t he correction of pronatio n thr ough the fitting of custom orthotics. Optimal foot alignment allows the ankles, knees and hips to function properly without the wasted effort of muscular compensations to overcome the foot imbalance.

Many repetitive motion injuries in sports result from muscular imbalances around the shoulders and hips. Sports chiropractors can help identify weak muscles leading to compensations of other muscles. We can help design a strength training program to correct the weakness and avoid further injuries.

Chiropractic care is important in helping each athlete reach their fu ll potential in their sport. Whether you are a professional alpine skier working the gates or a weekend warrior preparing for a golf weekend, let us help you design the perfect program with you.

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